Waitress tip of $ 1, customers spent $ 370 on sushi

  • A waitress received a ‘humiliation’ after behaving very well with her customers
  • It all happened in a restaurant in Argentina
  • The waitress denounced that her clients asked for 36 thousand pesos, just over 370 dollars in sushi

A tipped waitress took a tremendous humiliation in a restaurant in Argentina when on her work shift she had to receive a group of boys who without measuring themselves ordered sushi for the not inconsiderable amount of 36 thousand Argentine pesos, something like 370 dollars, for which she immediately delivered excellent service.

More and more cases are viralized on social networks about videos, photographs related to tips in restaurants in different parts of the world, especially in the US about the treatment of customers to waiters, who sometimes look splendid with financial support that they give and sometimes not so much.

Waitress is humiliated for tip

Waitress tip humiliated

The Argentine portal ‘Todo Noticias’ announced the peculiar case of a waitress whose tip left her stunned after her clients, a group of young people came to where she worked to spend more than 36 thousand Argentine pesos (370 dollars) on orders of sushi.

She thought that her excellent service would earn her a very good tip, however she was terribly disappointed that made her publish a message of indignation on Twitter and that little by little went viral for the ‘rudeness’ she received from her customers.

The youth ordered 36,000 Argentine pesos ($ 370) worth of sushi


The waitress began to see how the boys were ordering a lot of sushi and she decided to give them a 10% discount for the ‘good customers’ they were being for the restaurant, however the moment of truth arrived and the bill amounted to 36 thousand Argentine pesos, just over 370 dollars.

The good atmosphere that the young people brought, made the waitress think of a generous tip without imagining that they would only give her 100 Argentine pesos, which unfortunately translates into a dollar … Carolina Guarnieri, the blonde waitress could not believe such ‘humiliation’ and was’ downloaded on Twitter.

The waitress was tipped $ 1

Waitress tip humiliated

Seeing the similar ‘rudeness’ on the part of her customers, the waitress with her 1 dollar tip, used Twitter to write: “I am still very angry with a table of 15 children that I attended. They had sushi for dinner, they spent 36 thousand pesos, I gave them a 10% discount because they were rich and they tipped me $ 100 ”, were the words of Carolina Guarnieri.

The blonde’s message generated so many comments that she preferred to put her account in private due to the great indignation caused by the fact that the 15 boys she served at a table could not have been more generous to leave more money for their excellent service and the discount made to the account.

The waitress and her tip generated a lot of outrage against customers who spent thousands on sushi

Sushi incident customers

As reported by the portal ‘Todo Noticias’, the waitress and her tip generated so much outrage that they spoke with her and commented that she was surprised by the support of the people: “The truth is that it became so viral that my cell phone exploded. This happened over the long weekend, can’t say where because a couple of people found out and left bad reviews on the place. And I would not like to lose my job, “he said and asserted that he could not take a photo of the clients’ account.

Quickly, many comments on the waitress’s Twitter message for her tip began to appear: “The tip is courtesy for the service you received. When it is not included in the ticket, there is the consideration of leaving 10% or you can ”,“ Are you going to tell me that if they spent $ 36 thousand on sushi they would not have $ 240 each to leave a 10% tip to the girl? Please”.

The story of the waitress and her humiliating tip for customers who spent thousands on sushi has not been the only one that has impacted

Waitress tips sushi

A surprising story was the one that happened to the waiter of a bar in New Hampshire, when a customer who only consumed a $ 37.93 bill, decided to leave the ‘juicy’ tip of $ 16,000, according to the New York news portal. York Post.

The grandiose of the 16 thousand dollar tip, happened earlier this month of June at the Stumble Inn Bar and Grill in Londonderry on June 12 and left everyone ‘frozen’ by the enormous amount for so little consumption that Mr. .

Waitress humiliated for tip: SURPRISE

Tip in bar
Photo Twitter

The client only ordered a few drinks, some hot dogs and French fries, products that did not exceed 102 38 dollars, however, without knowing it yet, the staff of the place, was surprised by the action and more by the forceful message that explains everything for the tip. of 16 thousand dollars.

In turn, the owner of the place, owner of the bar, Mike Zarella, detailed what happened and in a verbatim way repeated what the client said to the waiter: “’Don’t spend it all in one place”’, referring to the amount of money it would leave you. Filed Under: Waitress Tipping At Sushi Restaurant


But the wait staff took the bill and saw the assigned tip and barely reacted, turned to face the customer and only managed to say the following: “That’s what made her turn around and look, and she said: ‘ My God, are you serious? ”Zarella said.

Upon learning of the tip of 16 thousand dollars, the owner of the bar wanted to verify that this was not a mistake, and went to ask the customer, but was surprised that it was true, that he had the full conviction to leave that tip to the waiter. Filed Under: Waitress Tipping At Sushi Restaurant


Tip in bar
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But why did the customer want to leave that tip? It was then that the diner explained the reason for his decision, through a note that he gave to the owner that said verbatim: “He only said that they deserve it, that they work very hard.”

And as in almost all businesses, in this one it was no exception, all the staff of the place shared the tip so that it was equally, leaving all satisfied and grateful to the generous customer who visited them. Filed Under: Waitress Tipping At Sushi Restaurant

Tip in bar: GIFT

New Hampshire
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In a similar event, in mid-December 2020, it was reported that a generous customer did not order food, but did leave a $ 5,600 tip at an Ohio restaurant. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the wallets of many Americans.

It has also shaken more than one business, such as those restaurants that have been forced to close their doors in order to comply with local sanitation regulations. But all is not lost, because there are still people willing to help. Filed Under: Waitress Tipping At Sushi Restaurant

Tip in bar: GOODNESS

Photo Shutterstock

This is how the employees of this Ohio restaurant were surprised by the tip that a customer left them. A man, identified only as Billy, entered the Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar. His waitress, Katie, prepared to serve him, but he only asked for a bill for a penny.

Later, he signed a tip of $ 5,600 and asked to distribute it among the employees of the place. The restaurant’s Chef, Moussa Salloukh, was the one who told the story through Facebook and began using the following quote: “Be the reason why someone believes in the goodness of people.” Filed Under: Waitress Tipping At Sushi Restaurant

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