Walker a Hall of Fame with ties to Mexican winter baseball

All the spotlight on the induction of the Baseball Hall of Fame is on Derek Jeter or Ted Simmons, but there is one name that stands out for his connection to the Mexican Pacific League, Larry Walker.


Walker really hit the ground running with the Colorado Rockies, where he hit 258 of his 383 total home runs in a 17-year Major League career which earned him a Hall of Fame induction in his 10th and final year on the ballot.

Larry Walker a figure who also shone with Canadian teams in MLB

Larry walker
Larry Walker (right) in his time with the Montreal Expos. Photo: Getty Images Archive

However, many remember how Walker was a key player in one of the most special times in baseball in his country, when not only the Toronto Blue Jays won their only two World Series titles (1992-93), but also the Montreal Expos. .

We are talking about the period from 1992 to 1994. And specifically, we refer to what the Expos did from May 22, 1992 until the work stoppage of August 11, 1994 ended the Major League season.

One year wait for Covid-19 for enthronement

Larry walker
Larry Walker in his glory years with the Colorado Rockies. (Photo by Brian Bahr / Getty Images)

Walker, like Derek Jeter and Ted Simmons, in addition to the family of the late Marvin Miller, had to wait more than a year to be exalted and have their plaque in Cooperstown. That will happen this Wednesday in the small town of the state of New York.

“The years with the Expos are where I basically learned everything,” said Walker, who after the 1994 season signed as a free agent with the Rockies.

With ties to the Mexican Pacific League, although with a short stay

Larry walker
Larry Walker played one season with Naranjeros de Hermosillo which was affected by a knee injury in a sweep at home plate. Photo: Special

Naranjeros de Hermosillo was the team where Walker participated in Mexican baseball, but his stay was brief as he seriously injured one knee when scoring a run.

“I knew he wasn’t very adept at hitting off pitches instead,” Walker said of his goals during his time in Mexico, where he hit .237 in 53 games. “So that was quite beneficial.”