Walmart announces zero peso discount, consumers are outraged

The chain of stores considered that it would be good to label a promotion, only that it has gone a bit and wanted it to be a unique offer for the Mexican brand of La Costeña, it has become a complaint and it is that Walmart announces zero peso discount in one of their products.

The value of Walmart in the retail market has consolidated this company as a consumer option for the large number of people and it has even become a benchmark to understand its ability to generate sales strategies, but even this is usually wrong.

And yes, Walmart advertises a zero peso discount on a La Costeña product, which led consumers to complain about this “joke.” As usual, we present you another case of complaints such as the Hooters user who filed a complaint with Profeco for a blatant scam.

Walmart announces zero peso discount

The offer they are complaining about is in a tomato puree. It was not only the tomato puree, users in networks showed bad promotions.

An offer from La Costeña, one of the leading brands in Mexico, considered an offer but Walmart detailed some of these offers too much that it ended up playing against it.

The best example of this was given by Twitter user Jorge Juárez who denounced how the store promotes the sale of three La Costeña tomato purees at the price of 18 pesos, only that the detail explained that zero pesos would be saved with 45 cents, something that it was evidently a bogus offer.

Users complain about bad promotions

It was not only the tomato puree, users in networks showed bad promotions.

But he is not the only one, the Earthy Boy is another who showed another offer, when he reported to Profeco that the store prevented him from buying a significant volume of Colgate toothpaste.

But in addition to the complaint because Walmart announces a discount of zero pesos, Elencilla user of Tiwitter He also complained to the Attorney General’s Office that the brand prevented him from buying two Riunite wines at a price of 240 pesos, conditioning the sale of these bottles to the same type of drink, despite the fact that the above is not specified in the offer.

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