Walmart Mexico will convert its store parking lots into gas stations

Walmart Mexico has partnered with the Mexican company Gazpro for the construction of new gas stations in the parking lot of their stores throughout the country, as reported this Monday, November 22.

“The new gasoline service stations will be designed, developed and operated by Gazpro, and will be supplied with gasoline supplied by Pemex, through the sublicensed brand model for the sale of Pemex products, “says the official statement.

Thanks to this initiative, Walmart will employ women from Mexico and Central America, as promised in mid-July, although details about the work plant for its new gas stations have not been fully disclosed.

The new gas stations of Walmart México

The new gas stations of Walmart México Walmarto offers thousands of products

According to the information provided by the Mexican subsidiary, its next gasoline stations will be in branches of Bodega Aurrera, My Aurrera Winery, Sam’s Club, Walmart Express and Walmart Supercenter from the country.

So far, the company has not disclosed how many gas stations will be included in its new plan, but revealed that Mexican retailer FEMSA will also be part of the project after years in business thanks to Oxxo Gas.

Since 2018 it was announced that you will be able to load gasoline at Walmart in several states of Mexico with the opening of six service stations in a collaboration with world oil companies after the 2013/2014 energy reform removed the monopoly from Pemex.

What products does Walmart sell?

Walmarto offers thousands of products

The American retail chain offers more than 50,000 items at its branches across the country, ranging from groceries, foods like fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy, pasta, and even electronics like speakers and screens in addition to household items.

Walmart Mexico is crowned as ‘The King’ of the Expansion after opening more than 100 stores in 2019 alone in what is considered one of the largest expansions in the country in the last 6 years, to which is added its new series of stations of gas.

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