Walmart seeks to retain its warehouse employees with bonuses

Walmart seeks to retain its warehouse employees with bonuses

Walmart managers know that if employees are not supported and given incentives, they can go to other companies.

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Aware that a great competition to hire personnel is approaching for the Christmas season, Walmart does not plan to lose staff or efficiency and, therefore, is releasing weekly bonuses for its warehouse workers and thus surpass its competitors, who are also giving prizes to your employees.

According to information provided by the company to CNBC, an additional payment is offered, depending on the location of the facility and the role and shift of the worker. For some full-time employees, the bonus can represent $ 200 more per week.

According to Walmart spokesman Scott Pope, the additional pay could even be more if employees work overtime. Said additional payment began to be distributed this month and will continue throughout the fiscal year at most distribution centers and compliance.

According to official information from the retail giant, warehouse workers already have a higher salary than store employees. Employees in fulfillment and distribution centers have an hourly wage of $ 20.37.

This figure is higher than the average salary of $ 14.61 for Walmart in 2020, according to the company’s environmental, social and governance report. In March of this year, the company said that the average hourly wage in the United States represents $ 15.25 an hour.

From the private sector, Walmart is the firm that brings jobs to the country counting 1.6 million employees. The strategy of raising salaries and bonuses should not surprise anyone, given that this year several companies improved the salaries of their employees.

The strategy that Walmart is implementing seeks to guarantee that its workforce will not leave the company, since doing so may affect its day-to-day operation and, therefore, would bring a negative economic impact for the retail firm.

Many companies have spoken of the difficulty they have faced filling their vacancies since the economic recovery began. The shortage of personnel has to do with the fear of contagion of Covid-19, lack of child care and unemployment assistance payments.

For Walmart, the extra payment is also meant to get ahead of the holiday shopping season crowds. Therefore, the company seeks make sure store and warehouse shelves are fully stocked, otherwise it would be chaos for the firm.

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