Walmart will close again on Thanksgiving: which other large retailers will not open either

Walmart will do it again, this next Thanksgiving will be one more of the many stores that will remain closed during this holiday in the United States.

The nation’s largest retailer had a tradition of keeping its stores open on Thanksgiving, which it did for many years almost the only option for last minute consumers and with discounts, assured the company.

However, this corporate decision also earned him clashes with representatives of unions who claimed the chain for the right to rest of its employees.

But this was left behind, the CEO of Walmart in the United States, John Furner, confirmed in a television interview this week, that the retail giant will remain closed this coming Thanksgiving.

It’s a thing of the past. We will be closed again on Thanksgiving”, Furner advanced in an interview for the network. NBC.

But Walmart will not be the only store that will keep its stores closed during the next holiday, other large chains have also announced that they will not have operations that day.

One of these stores is Targetwhich since 2021 confirmed that it would not open on any of the Thanksgivings that followed.

“What started as a temporary measure prompted by the pandemic now it’s our new standard”, Target CEO Brian Cornell said at the time.

In addition to Walmart and Target, other stores like Kohl’s and Best Buy will also close on the upcoming holiday in the United States, just as they did in the previous two years.

Big retailers began to change their position on staying open on Thanksgiving in light of the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Its executives saw in the closing on this holiday a way to thank your employeeswho had remained in their jobs even in the toughest months of the pandemic.

Other stores that will not open on this date are: Costco, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Publix and Trader Joe’samong others that have not done so for several years.

Leverage other sales channels

The decision of some chains such as Walmart to remain open on Thanksgiving was related to a strategy to make the most of the sales season which has its culmination on Black Friday, the most important day.

Nevertheless, the changes in consumption habits that the pandemic brought for shoppers, they strengthened the online sales channel, which now allows stores to bypass the need to be open to have sales.

This means that retailers now have the ability to keep their brick-and-mortar stores closed on holidays like Thanksgiving and not lose your sales levels through your digital stores.

Even several stores that will remain closed, they decided to advance their sales season to start moving their inventories and accumulate the largest number of sales for the Christmas season.

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