Walmart will hire this November 3 and 4 positions with an average salary of $ 20.37 per hour

Large retailers are offering higher wages and higher benefits in the face of labor shortages.

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If you are determined to find a job consider the options it is offering Walmart and its chain of stores at the “National Supply Chain Contracting Event”.

The retailer will be hiring this Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 November in many states and places across the country where Walmart is present.

The positions it is offering are very varied:

Equipment Operators
– Repair technicians
– Cargo handlers
– Filling conductors
Picking up orders
– Shipping associate
– Elevator driver
Among others.

The average salary that Walmart is offering for associates at the “National Supply Chain Hiring Event” is $ 20.37 per hour, published Yahoo Finance !.

With this call, the retailer is reinforcing its human talent in the midst of a contraction in the supply chain that suffers in almost all industries, in addition to labor shortages, facing the strongest consumption season registered at the end of the year.

Since last month the company has been preparing for the demanding Christmas season and the problems in the supply chain stocked up on goods earlier than usual, chartering their own ships and diverting their shipments to less congested ports to be on time with their customers.

Since September, the company announced the hiring of 20,000 permanent supply chain associates, while the competition followed suit as the labor shortage was already being felt.

Target and Amazon also need to hire staff to complete your work templates for year-end sales. Amazon announced plans to hire 150,000 seasonal employees with average salaries starting in the $ 18 per hour plus start-up bonuses of up to $ 3,000.

This season we will have to be vigilant to see who is reaching their sales goals and hiring targets, as large retailers increased salaries and benefits to attract applicants to their positions in an environment characterized by labor shortages.

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