Walter Mercado: Horoscopes for today January 17, 2022

Find out what destiny has in store for you this Monday, January 17, 2022 with the best of horoscope from Walter Market, check the predictions of your day, your lucky number and start the day on the right foot. ¡AmericanPost.News wishes you good fortune!


This Full Moon brings you luck financially. Societies look favorable and that is why those who are married receive the support of their spouses. It is very important that you keep a positive attitude when looking for better financial opportunities, as well as work.

lucky numbers: 8, 36, 21.


The Full Moon brings very favorable encounters for a friendship that can become something much more significant for you. If you have a partner, the moment is to share more. Social activities and invitations will now be more frequent. Enjoy them with or without a partner.

lucky numbers: 1, 22, 8.


This Full Moon will be a very romantic one for you. Someone could be watching you in a very special way. In your finances you will have to settle accounts so that you can have a little control. Unexpected expenses could take you out of what has already been stipulated for you.

lucky numbers: 27, 41, 6.


The Full Moon, your ruler, is in your sign and intensifies and deepens your emotions. You will seek the approval and attention of those around you. Do not give so much importance to the words that others say in times of difficulty. It is time to concede, let go and cooperate.

lucky numbers: 12, 9, 41.


You are filled with energy under this Full Moon and you will be able to start any project you have in mind with great dynamism. You will want to do activities that take you out of your routine and you will especially enjoy outdoor activities. Some will feel the need to travel.

lucky numbers: 11, 49, 3.


Do not want to do more than you can or should under this Full Moon. Your health is very important, especially when it comes to rest and sleep. You will receive the financial cooperation you need, either from your partner or through some management on your part. There are positive energies all around you.

lucky numbers: 10, 7, 15.


Something that at the moment could not please you, will be positive for you. The Full Moon highlights your personal charms and makes it easier for you to relate to the opposite sex, but you will have to be a little more demonstrative. Do not hide your feelings or they will think that you are very cold and calculating.

lucky numbers: 23, 49, 52.


Education, travel and everything that has to do with the intellectual is exalted or intensified under the energy of this Full Moon. Everything related to these topics will touch your life in some way. Learn from your experiences, live intensely enjoying the present moment.

lucky numbers: 7, 25, 30.


Under the energy of this Full Moon, you will go through somewhat tense situations and moments of confusion. It is important to get your priorities in order. Excellent period to renovate, add, repair, decorate and eliminate what is useless and takes up space in your home.

lucky numbers: 50, 17, 3.


There is a Full Moon, the spirits are altered so it is not the best time to make decisions that affect many, wait a little longer. The problems of your partner or those of people close to you will require your special attention. Control the need to express your truths for now.

lucky numbers: 31, 27, 8.


This full Moon turns your sentimental life upside down. Love passes to a deeper and more mature stage. You need a more intellectual and communicative union. Sharing thoughts, points of view on profound or religious issues is an approach to that person you love so much.

lucky numbers: 23, 18, 4.

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You will notice an economic respite under the energy of this Full Moon. Your financial problems will be alleviated and opportunities to improve financially are given. Parents or important figures will recognize your potential and you will receive their support. It is important that you stay in good health, take care of it.

lucky numbers: 6, 35, 20.

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes

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