Wanda Nara sends a poisoned message: If I were an animal, I would be a mother lion

Photo: Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

The eccentric wife of the Argentine soccer player Mauro Icardi turned on the networks again as has been the custom in recent months. In the first instance because of the fiery photographs of him and on the other hand because of the poisoned message that she wrote in her publication. In it, she reiterated that if she were an animal, she would be a mother lion; because of her authority, her protection and her leadership in her home.

Despite the fact that her words were not exactly for something specific, the Argentine businesswoman has shown the knowledge she acquired on her vacations for Africa, since its culture and its landscapes could help him to know a little more about felines.

“If I were an animal, without a doubt, Mama Leona. Lionesses are very territorial. They have a highly developed protective and vigilance instinct,” wrote Wanda Nara on Instagram.

“For this reason, they tend to distrust other females and they are the ones who decide whether the males stay or not. Lionesses are some of the most dedicated mothers in the entire animal kingdom. the lionesses carry out and make all the decisions of the herd, what animal do you feel you would be”, Argentina finished.

Despite this, many international media have referred to the fact that the South American would not let anyone get close to her husband, Mauro Icardito each of their children, much less to the adjacencies of their home.

It is important to highlight that, a few months ago, he had a terrible chapter with the soccer player of the Paris Saint-Germain, due to an alleged infidelity, information that caused a stir in the international press.

Nonetheless, Wanda Nara He has not hesitated to show all his happiness on these holidays with his family. In the first instance with his trip to Africa with Mauro Icardi to celebrate a new anniversary and later, with their children in the Maldives.

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