Warner Bros. and DC suspend future Ezra Miller projects after scandals

The actor Ezra Miller could be living his last moments as Barry Allenn in “The Flash”because according to US media, Waner Bros.. and DC They have made a decision about their future.

It was through a last minute meeting where the pause of all projects related to the actor was determined.

These decisions are made after the arrest of the actor in Hawaii and the alleged restraining order that a couple from the same place requested on his behalf.

Ezra Miller will be sanctioned by Warner Bros. and DC

Ezra Miller will be sanctioned by Warner Bros. and DC Will he be replaced in “The Flash”?

Last weekend the actor who plays “TheFlash” He was pushy with people at a karaoke, so the Hawaii County police had to arrest him.

After the altercations Warner Bros. convened an emergency meeting with DC executives and they discussed what the actor’s course will be in his future projects.

Although the board discussed the events in Hawaiiit was revealed that the actor’s problems are no surprise to managers because during the filming of The Flash he had “frequent crises.”

At the moment it was determined to suspend their participation as “Flash” in all tapes or series related to the DCEUHowever, it is not specified if the sprinter movie will be canceled or postponed again.

Will he be replaced on “The Flash”?

Will he be replaced on “The Flash”?

The future of the actor hangs in the balance, so much so that even fans have asked that he be replaced in “The Flash”, a request that could become a reality after his recent personal controversies.

According to the insider John Campeasources close to Warner They had talked about replacing the actor in the film, however they only reached a discussion of options that can mean many things.

what happened with Ezra Miller is not a new topic for the study, since in the past they chose to separate Johnny Depp of the third installment of fantastic animals due to his personal problems with Amber Heard.

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