Was a former Liga MX footballer a victim of harassment? A woman kissed Michael Rangel without consent and the criticism was unleashed

The Colombian scored four goals in Liga MX.

Photo: Alejandro Gutiérrez Mora / Imago7

Women’s football is constantly full of complaints of its players by fans who yell obscene things and even try to go overboard with them. However, in Colombian football it was a player affected. know the case of Michael Rangel, the former Liga MX player who They stole a kiss after granting an innocent photograph.

Nicknamed the “heartbreaker”, Michael Jhon Ander Rangel Valencia left Mexican soccer to distribute his talent in Deportes Tolima in Colombia. However, the footballer went viral through social networks, but not because of the sports theme. The former Mazatlan was a source of controversy after a young amateur will steal a kiss from him.

The video was quickly spread. Michael Rangel prepared to dedicate a few minutes of his time to the fans present, despite the fact that they had just suffered a defeat in coffee football. Interestingly, the photograph of the controversy was requested by some followers of Junior de Barranquilla, a rival team.

After what happened, some users pointed out the attitude of the fan. Many argued that if the case were completely reversed, the world turns this episode into a scandal, they ban the fan from the stadium and the legal problems would begin.

As for the sporty aspect, Rangel was expelled from the game and had to see how his team was defeated 2-1 on matchday 9 of Colombian football against Junior de Barranquilla.

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