Was Adela Micha banned from the tribute they paid to Silvia Pinal?

Adele Michael He got into a lot of controversy for an off-the-cuff comment he made that got aired by mistake. It turns out that in 2021 it was announced that Silvia Pinal had contracted Covid-19 to what the journalist told her team “it won’t be long before you dieand”.

The problem was that it was heard because his radio program “Adela told you” was not yet going to court. For this reason, the rumor spread that she Adela earned the enmity of the Pinal family, although she publicly apologized for said event, and for that reason they did not invite her to the tribute they paid to Silvia Pinal for his artistic career.

This event was held yesterday, August 29, at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City and, indeed, Adela revealed that she was not invited. This is what happened.

This is how they rejected Adela Micha in the tribute to Silvia Pinal

Adela Micha has enmity with the Pinals. Here you can see “The Saga”.

Adele Michael He said that although he did not receive an invitation to go to the event of Silvia Pineapplel, she tried to request authorization to cover the day from her “La Saga” program but was rejected:

“In fact, we asked for accreditation from ‘La Saga’ so that we could cover it and they told us no,” said Adela.

However, she commented that nothing is wrong and was very happy to see the first actress very well. Furthermore, she recalled that she personally apologized to Alejandra Guzman Y Silvia Pasquel but it was in vain, they were very upset and even stopped talking to him. We tell you more about the reporter in AmericanPost.News.

“The truth is that I am very sorry because they are good friends of mine, well they were good friends,” the journalist revealed.

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Where can I see the saga of Adela Micha?

Here you can see “The Saga”.

The program of the famous Adela Micha called “La Saga” is broadcast from Monday to Thursday digitally from Facebook Live and YouTube at 7 pm. On the show she has many guests, recently it was Chiquis Rivera and revealed that he never made peace with his mother, Jenni Rivera.

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