Was he having an affair with another woman? Galilea Montijo responded to a round of questions

the television presenter Galilea Montijo up to now has never presented any taboo to deal with the subject of her sentimental relationships, on the contrary, it has always been very open. In addition, on several occasions she has made it clear that she has maintained links that have become “toxic”.

However, he explained that for this stage of his life he is going through a good time because his marriage to Fernando Reina Iglesias has fortunately worked.

However, during one of the Netas Divinas broadcasts, he made a new statement in which explained what the probability of having a relationship with someone of the same sex would be.

“Yes, yes, I could fall in love with a woman because what would I likeI say of course yes, right now, no, ”he said in the aforementioned television program.

In turn, the television actress also took the opportunity to say that she considers herself to be a completely “heteroflexible” person. Her statements have been recorded during Gay Pride month, and many of her followers, as well as the audience of ‘Netas Divinas’, have been struck by everything she has said.

“It is that there is a part in which I do believe that men and women have this masculine and feminine part and that when you are born they tell you: ‘You are a woman, you are going to marry a man, you are a man, you are going to marry a woman. I think we are heteroflexible’“He commented when they asked him on the program.

While Montijo gave details of her sexuality, the rest of her co-workers were very attentive when they heard her respond. She, from her point of view, explained that since the person is born they want to instill and even force a way of being in each person, and that in the end, with the passing of the years, they are defined in terms of their tastes.

I had a very dear friend who thought that people are born free and that sexuality is limited because they make you choose.“added the Mexican.

Some time ago, It was rumored that the TV presenter and Maca Carriedo were datingalthough it was through an interview ‘En Shock’ where they explained that it was not real.

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