Was he unfaithful with Luis Miguel? Luz Elena González gives details of her romance with Rafael Amaya

The beauty of the Mexican actress Luz Elena González it’s undeniable; has conquered several men such as the actors Sebastián Rulli and Rafael Amayaas well as the singer Luis Miguel, one of the great idols of Spanish music. In an interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, the 47-year-old also model and originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, spoke about the loves she has had.

Luz Elena González shared details of her love affair with Rafael Amaya, protagonist of the successful series “El señor de los cielos”, a Telemundo production where he played the drug trafficker “Aurelio Casilla”. It is worth mentioning that at that time, the rumor of having been unfaithful with Luis Miguel.

She said that she had met Rafael because he was the boyfriend of a neighbor and later, the actor from Hermosillo, Sonora, ended that relationship “and we met at a golf tournament that Televisa did.”

Later, she ran into the TV hunk again in a dive. “I went to dance with my cousin and I saw him, he was dancing with me and I said ‘what a beautiful boy'”. That night of dancing, she was conquered:

He gave me a kiss and I said ‘My God, I’m from here’, I had never been kissed so beautifully in my life.

Luz Elena González was 23 years old when she walked with Rafael Amaya; they lasted two years as a couple “great”. In his talk with Mara Patricia Castañeda, he mentioned that left the actor because he had no plans to marry and have children, at that moment.

“I told him ‘do you want to get married and have children? Because I’m ready’, I think I was born ready to get married, have children and with the wedding dress in the trunk, he told me ‘I’m not ready’, I answered ‘ ok, okay. ‘Bye and it’s over. “

After ending her courtship with Rafael Amaya, she began dating singer Luis Miguel, arising speculations of an infidelity. In this regard, the actress of the telenovela “My fortune is loving you” replied: “No, it might seem, I know there was a scandal and that I left it for Luis Miguel, but no”.

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In addition, Luz Elena González mentioned that when she was already married and had her first child, she met her ex Rafael: “I saw him and he did not greet me, he passed by, I did not greet him either.”