Was Horacio Villalobos expelled from La Academia because of Mónica Naranjo?

This 20 year’s generation of La Academia program has become one of the most controversial, and now, one of the judges has caused quite a stir. On American Post News we share what happened with Horacio Villalobos at the concert held on Saturday, July 9.

The controversial critic of the TV Azteca’s reality show was absent for a brief moment, then Monica Naranjo showed up. Although the reason for his absence has not been disclosed, various speculations have arisen on social networks.

The most important guest on the program was the singer Monica Naranjo who performed her greatest hits alongside the academics, but what left several puzzled was that Villalobos was not present at the artist’s show.

Horacio Villalobos and the scandal with Mónica Naranjo

Villalobos was absent due to the presence of Mónica Naranjo

According to the journalist Angélica Palacios, the critic did not appear at the concert at the request of the singer, who demanded that she did not want him to be there, she did not want him to be around her and made it clear that, upon arrival at the forum, she did not want him to watch.

As a consequence, the program’s production agreed to the request of the guest, but they have commented that, on several occasions, the presenter has criticized the singer. Others comment that Horacio did not show up because he did not forgive Monica for making bad comments against Mexico.

The controversy occurred in 2000 when, during an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, she spoke ill of Mexico. On the other hand, some users have commented that one of the reasons for the presenter’s absence was because some years ago, Villalobos called the singer a transvestite.

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What did Horacio Villalobos do?

Host of TV Azteca

This is not the first time the presenter has been involved in controversy for his forceful comments. In a previous dispute, Natalia Téllez accused Horacio Villalobos of transphobia for his criticism of Alejandra Bogue.