Was Juan Gabriel in love with Julión Álvarez? This video could prove it

alex kaffie caused great controversy on social networks by ensuring that Juan Gabriel was in love with Julión Álvarez. According to the journalist’s statements given in a recent broadcast of Sale El Sol, the now-deceased singer could not hide the attraction he felt towards his colleague when cast flirtatious glances at him in the video ‘La Frontera’.

Similarly, the journalist Gustavo Adolfo assured that the aforementioned song, which is part of the collaborative album Los Dúos 2 released in 2015, contains tricks and hints towards “The King of the Box Office”so he does not rule out that what his program partner says is totally true.

Alex Kaffie’s statements caused great controversy among users of social networks and also divided opinions. Some assure that there are flirtatious looks towards Julión Álvarez while others mention that “El Divo de Juárez” was always characterized by being very cheerful in his musical presentations.

Julión Álvarez triumph on their return to Spotify

After several years of absence, the singer’s music is now available on the platform. Today, the singer is considered an icon of Mexican music.

These rumors come just a couple of months after “The King of the Box Office” makes its triumphant return to Spotifywhich caused great happiness among his fans and with which he showed that he is still valid within the public’s taste by surpassing successful singers such as Christian Nodal and Grupo Firme.

Let’s remember that Julión Álvarez was banned from digital platforms in 2017 for his alleged relationship with Mexican drug trafficking. However, last May he was removed from the US Treasury Department’s blacklist, which will allow him to continue his successful music career.

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When did Juan Gabriel die?

Today, the singer is considered an icon of Mexican music.

John Gabrielwhose real name was Alberto Aguilera Valadez, died on August 28, 2016 at the age of 66. According to information circulating on the Internet, which AmericanPost.News brings to you, the singer died of cardiac arrest and the announcement of his death left the world of Mexican entertainment devastated.

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