Watch the incredible trailer for “The Northman” with Anya Taylor-Joy and Börk

The movie “The Northman” is one of the most anticipated of 2022, not only for its incredible plot, but for its outstanding cast in which they are included Anya Taylor-Joy and Börk, we will also see the return of the director, Robertts Eggers, who is one of the most fascinating directors of recent years.

In addition to Anya’s participation, the film also features performances by Alexander Skarsgård, Björk, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, and Claes Bang.

The film is eagerly awaited as it also maintains the narrative and familiar elements of the director Robertts Eggers, an Hhistory of the past with a dark portrait of life.

Trailer for “The Northman”

Fans are excited, as the first poster and trailer have been officially released, showing us that the movie promises to be spectacular.

This film stars Amleth (Skarsgård), son of King Aurvandil (Hawke) and Queen Gudrún (Kidman).

The film shows us how full of envy, Fengo, Horwendil’s brother, betrays and murders him in front of his son, also takes his mother hostage and forces her to marry him. Amleth manages to climb, promising revenge for the death of his father, get his mother back and murder his uncle Fengo.

Due to his bloody history Amleth grows up amid madness and violence, later returning as the rightful heir to destroy Fengo. Meanwhile Olga, played by Anya, accompanies the hero on his way and his mission not only to regain the throne, but also to his mother.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Börk will tell us the life of the historical character

This will be the cast that will participate in the film

The film was first announced in 2019, when director Robert Eggers revealed that his next film would be about a historical thriller based on Norse literature and mythologies, revealing that it would be about the character Amleth who also inspired William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Thus, in this film called “The Northman” we will see the story of a classic character, with spectacular performances such as Anya Taylor-Joy and Börk.