“We are expecting a baby!”: Iran Castillo announces second pregnancy and wedding on the doorstep

Iran Castle revealed that he is partying twice as soon will become a mom for the second time and also received engagement ring.

There is no doubt that the Mexican actress is living one of the best stages of her life, because not only is she starring in the Televisa and Univision telenovela ‘SOS I’m falling in love’ with Daniel Arenas, but she is also part of the cast of the series ‘Doctor Cándido Pérez’; But this happiness will also be manifested on a personal level, since this weekend she announced that she is happily pregnant.

The news was released this Sunday, September 26, with a series of photos shared through her official Instagram profile, where she took the opportunity to congratulate her boyfriend, Pepe Ramos, who is also celebrating his birthday.

“My dear, so many things to celebrate! Your birthday first. One more year offering us your presence that is blessed and everything that it includes. And with this extraordinary gift that is on the way. A new being of light comes to illuminate us with its beauty and purity. Thank you for this gift from God! We are expecting a baby! “

In addition to posing with her boyfriend and daughter, the singer also showed her pregnancy belly for the first time, as well as the ultrasound of her baby through a cell phone screen.

However, although it was the 44-year-old actress who organized a family reunion to celebrate another year of her partner’s life, she was the main surprised when, in the middle of the celebration, she received the engagement ring.

“This ring is a deep symbol of our love and commitment to all the freedom to be ourselves and enjoy ourselves. Happy to marry you. Great man of my life. Thank you for my whole life! Congratulations on your birthday, for our baby on the way. For our beautiful baby and because we are together ”.

The videos of their emotional engagement were revealed in the stories on their official Instagram profile.

Celebrities such as Aracely Arámbula, Angelique Boyer, Grettell Valdez, Adriana Louvier and Michelle Renaud, among many others, joined in the happiness of the actress with congratulatory messages and expressions of affection.

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