“We are going to miss you crazy”, friends of a young narco fired him after dying from a bullet attack

“We are going to miss you crazy”, friends of a young narco fired him after dying from a bullet attack
Saymon or Saimon get fired on social media.

A child under the age of 15 identified as Saymon or Saimon “N” died later that he was shot in the Morelos neighborhood of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office in Mexico City, one of the most conflictive areas and where there is a record of the operation of the La Unión Tepito Cartel.

In social networks, the young man was fired by friends and family “We are going to miss you crazy, you will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace” It is read in one of the messages dedicated to Saymon or Saimon “N”, who posed with weapons on social media.

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Saymon or Saimon “N” was injured after a shooting registered on Friday night in the colony Morelos. The minor, according to his neighbors, operated as an extortionist for the La Unión Tepito cartel in said area.

The attack occurred when Saymon or Saimon “N” lived with a group of men outside a home located between Panaderos and Alfarería streets. There they were surprised by two armed individuals who were traveling on a motorcycle, who fired at them repeatedly.

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSCCDMX), who implemented a search operation to find those responsible for the attack.

After the shooting, Saimon was seriously injured and was taken by paramedics to a nearby hospital, where he was reported in serious condition. First they took him to the Mardán Clinic, then to the Balbuena hospital, and finally to the Legaría hospital, where he lost his life due to a bullet in the face.

According to journalist Carlos Jiménez, Saimon said he was a delivery person for the delivery application Rappi, however, his neighbors accused him of being an alleged extortionist for the La Unión Tepito Cartel that operates for a subject identified as Fernandito.

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