We don’t have doctors! AMLO Justifies Hiring Cuban Doctors in Mexico

Mexico City.- The president AMLO justified the hiring of 500 Cuban doctors in Mexico, indicating that there is a deficit in medical specialists in the country, especially in rural areas.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador was questioned about the hiring of Cuban doctors, assuring that the lack of specialists in Mexico It was due to the corruption regime that prevailed in the system for 30 years, which created campaigns against the hiring of foreign doctors.

“Why bring doctors from Cuba? Because we don’t have doctors, because the system of corruption defended by those doctors, who sign those documents, stopped investing in public education, and that’s why they invented the admission exams,” said the chief executive in La Mañanera.

As part of its commitment to guarantee health as a universal right In Mexico, Andrés Manuel justified the hiring of Cuban doctors.

“We don’t have general practitioners and much less specialist doctors (…) so what is the commitment we have? Guarantee the right to health.

Regarding salaries, the president reported that foreign doctors will receive the same as Mexican health workerswith the difference that Cuban doctors will be sent to work in rural hospitals in isolated areas, positions that are rejected by national doctors, according to AMLO.

“How much are Cuban doctors going to earn? The same ones that Mexican doctors earn and the first thing is to first summon all the doctors in Mexico, but we have analyzed it and there are none, we do not have specialists to go to work in hospitals in the poorest, most remote areas!”, he asserted. .

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In total, 500 doctors will be hired by Mexico from Cuba, however, Andrés Manuel did not specify the date on which these doctors will arrive in the country for work.

“We are hiring all the doctors, but as we already know that we are not going to have enough to cover the entire network of rural hospitals, that is why we are making this agreement to bring 500 (Cuban) doctors,” he pointed out.