“We don’t want them to rob us”, AMLO asks for a ‘pause’ in relations with Spain

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorraised today to take a “pause” in relations with the Government of Spain, and also with companies, in order to improve them.

“It is better to give us some time, to take a break. Perhaps when the (Mexican) government changes, relations will be restored,” the president commented during his morning press conference.

López Obrador said that both countries should take time to respect yourself and that the Government of Spain does not see Mexico as a “land of conquest”.

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“We want to have good relations, but we don’t want them to rob us,” said the president.

“This is the case of Spanish companies, if now the relationship is not good and I would like it to take us until it was normalized, to take a break, which I think will suit us Mexicans and Spaniards, from then to the people of Mexico and the people of Spain,” he said.

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He affirmed that there was a “collusion at the top, an economic and political promiscuity, at the top of the Governments of Mexico and Spain,” for about “three six-year terms in a row,” he said.

He assured that in this case, Mexico was the one that had the “worst part” because “they looted us.”

“Then, it is better to give us some time, a pause,” he reiterated.

As on other occasions, the president made these statements recalling alleged acts of corruption by Spanish companies during previous governments.

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In particular, he named companies from the energy and construction sectors that made contracts with the Administrations of Vicente Fox (2000-2006), Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) and Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018).

On repeated occasions, López Obrador has criticized the refusal of Spain to apologize to the indigenous peoples of Mexico for the abuses committed during the conquest as he requested for 2021, when 500 years of the event were commemorated, renamed “indigenous resistance”.

But the president has also accused Spanish companies of still seeing Mexico as a “land of conquest and looting,” particularly after the 2013 energy reform that opened up the sector to private parties.

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