We have delayed on the issue of health to face the pandemic: AMLO

sound.- During his visit to the municipality of cash meSonora, the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorstated that they will continue with the comprehensive health program to guarantee a better service to the population, since in this matter things had been delayed as a result of the pandemicbut now is the time to look for improvements.

The head of the federal Executive indicated that they are going to conclude medical unitswill equate health centers and it will count general practitioners and specialistsAlso, there will be no shortage of medicines.

“We have delayed in this, which is fundamental, in guaranteeing the right to healthbecause we dedicate ourselves completely to face the pandemicbut fortunately now it is already happening and we are all together now, as we face the pandemic, the whole Health sector dedicated to improving health services,” the president said.

He stated that there will be medical careclinical studies, surgical interventions and all the medicines that are required, not only the basic picture, in addition to offering a totally free health service for the entire population, not just for those who have Social Security.

“It is a challenge that we have to have all the specialist doctors, not only from Monday to Friday but on weekends, 24 hours a day, because people also get sick on weekends,” he said.

He explained that the director general of the IMSS, Zoe Robledois the one who will make sure that this plan works in the Yaqui peoplesthroughout the state of sound and in all the Mexican republic.

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In another topic, he reported that the program The School is Ours will remain in force and the budget will be delivered to the parent associations of each town so that they can maintain the schools, and within three months it is expected that all the schools will have their budget in the Yaqui peoples“400 for this year, in total there are 293 in Cajeme, they have only 66, they have 23 percent.”