“We saw this big bear breathing.” Thief hides inside a stuffed animal after stealing a car

England.- a car thief tried to use a Teddy bear to hide from the police in England in the neighborhood where he was wanted, however, he was discovered when the agents noticed that the bear “breathed”.

Joshua Dobson 18-year-old stole a car in the area of Spotland of the city, in addition, of not paying for the fuel that he consumed that same day of the robbery, for which he was wanted by the local police, reported GMP Rochdale.

“When we went to arrest him, our officers noticed a big bear breathing at the address before finding Dobson hiding inside!” Greater Manchester Police shared on their social media.

As cops searched for the teen, they finally entered a property and were surprised to be greeted by a teddy bear 5-foot “breathing” figure, before realizing that Dobson had cut open the stuffed animal’s butt and hidden it inside his stuffing, as reported by Dailymail.

The police noticed that the bear was breathing. Photo: GMP Rochdale

According to the police report, officers noted that the teddy bear he collapsed in the corner of the room and they “did a double take” when they saw that he appeared to be breathing. They took when found Dobson inside and immediately took it out.

Police had been looking for the young man since May after he took a Mitsubishi ASX vehicle before stealing £30 worth of fuel from a nearby gas station.

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Now Joshua Dobson is behind bars after being sentenced last week for theft of a motor vehicle, driving while disqualified, and leaving a gas station without payment.