We share the secret of Matthew McConaughey to have a lot of hair

Recently, actor Matthew McConaughey has shared to the media, what was the process by which had to submit to have again abundant hair.

According to McConaughey, behind all this was a personal decision what gave it value to be able to shave completely.

A couple of years ago, in AmericanPost.News we share that Matthew McConaughey wanted to play the role of the Hulk at Marvel but decided to turn it down.

Matthew McConaughey’s secret to having great hair

He is very surprised with the results. He has a happy and large family.

Actor Matthew McConaughey has shared that he feels very happy to have hair again after during 20 years old I was watching how I was gradually losing it.

As a commemoration for one of his great losses, the 52-year-old actor decided to shave his hair during 1990.

“During the 2000 millennium party in Jamaica, I was looking down laughing, and there was a bald spot the size of a baseball on the top of my head.” shared the actor.

before this moment american actor made the decision to shave his head, and later applying a topical ointment to the scalpin an attempt to get her to have abundant hair again.

Today he is delighted with the results, McConaughey also said that he is very surprised like all his followers what now have lush locks.

Who is the family of Matthew McConaughey?

He has a happy and large family.

The actor is in a relationship with Brazilian model Camila Alveswith which he has fathered three children whom he qualifies as “The most important beings in my life”.

Matthew McConaughey began his courtship with the model in 2006so that six years later they got engaged and they formed a large family that has been the envy in the entertainment world.

Before meeting the one who would become the woman of his life, McConaugheyla could be seen dating various actresses such as Sandra Bullock, Renée Zellweger, Patricia Arquette or the Spanish Penelope Cruz.

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