We tell you everything about the reunion of the Spice Girls this 2022

fans of the Spice Girls forever have longed for a reunion and collaboration of the singers on stage.

Unfortunately, the designer victoria beckham has always made it very clear in all the interviews, that this event will not happenHowever, recently there has been talk of a possible reunion of the group.

After rumors began to emerge last year that the Spice Girls would be ‘secretly’ planning a tour for 2023, at the moment this meeting would be one of the most anticipated by fans of the girl group.

The long-awaited reunion of the Spice Girls

It will be the first time that the five Spice Girls have attended a social event together in a long time.

According to the media “The Sun” the wedding of brooklyn beckham, eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham, with the beautiful Nicola Peltz will be held next April and, of course, the designer’s former colleagues are invited to the event, Geri Horner, Mel B, Mel C Y Emma Bunton, who have confirmed their attendance.

“It was a very lovely invitation and all the girls are excited.”

It will be the first time that the five Spice Girls attend a social event together after that reunion in 2019 at the Brooklyn Beckham party, many of themThe members have confirmed that they are looking forward to seeing each other and catch up on all its news.

Why did the Spice Girls break up?

The Spice Girls group became a pop and cultural icon, they were a pop icon, dedicated to popularize the expression Girl Power!

How do we share you in AmericanPost.News, their separation was a great regret for their millions of fans around the world and filled everyone with questions as to why they separated. For six years in a row, the Spice Girls were without a doubt the most popular music group in most countries around the world.

Unfortunately it’s all over and in 2000 they announced their separation.

The reason why she went on indefinite hiatus was never clear, but former member Victoria Beckham decided to confess the truth of what happened and that is Victoria confessed to Vogue Australia that the reason for the separation of the Spice Girls it was because of the legendary British musician, Elton John.

“I remember sitting very close to the stage and watching him sing those songs that he had sung over and over, year after year, and his passion and enjoyment was incredible, even after all that time.” Beckham mentioned.

Beckham revealed that it was there when discovered that music was not really his passion and said that he did not see himself singing the same songs for the rest of his life.

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