We tell you the details about the wake of Eva Mange, grandmother of Thalía and Laura Zapata

On Saturday June 25, 2022 It began at 10 in the morning at the French Pantheon in Mexico, the wake of Doña Eva Mange, grandmother of Thalia and Laura Zapata.

“My grandmother is no longer suffering, she died in my arms, she left quietly and I closed her eyes… I was always with her until the last moment,” Zapata told the media. “Her last words were Laura Zapata.”

The wake was attended by producer Iván Cochegrus, Yolanda Garza, Abril del Moral, friends of Doña Eva and friends of Laura Zapata, such as Francisco Ortiz and Martha Herrera.

On the other hand, Thalía has been attentive to everything, she sent a flower crown to the wake and even spoke with Doña Eva before she died: “Thalía spoke and I passed her grandmother to say goodbye, but I don’t want this event to turn into whether or not Thalía is going to come, we are saying goodbye to an incredible human being, my grandmother.”

The media asked Laura Zapata if this brought the family together, which he replied: “His granddaughter, his great-great-granddaughter, my son and I came, saying goodbye to a great woman.” The actress was the one who led the rosary for the eternal rest of her grandmother, In addition, many of those present spoke of their experiences with Mrs. Eva, who lived 104 years.

Eva Mange will be cremated and her ashes will be in her home until now.

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