We tell you which celebrities expressed their condolences to Thalia and Laura Zapata for the death of their grandmother

Through a statement, Laura Zapata and Thalia announced on the night of this Friday, June 24, 2022 that their grandmother Eva Mange Márquez had died at the age of 104, without revealing the causes of death.

“My beloved grandmother Eva has already flown. Good trip back to the house of the Lord, I love you and I celebrate your new life…”, was the message from Laura Zapata with whom he shared the statement on Twitter, while Thalia only commented on two emojis: one of hands together that imitate how people pray and the other was a broken heart.

However, they were not the only ones who commented on it, as many celebrities took the time to send their condolences, among them Paty Chapoy, Alex Kaffie and many others, which we will share with you below:

George Grandson:

Alex Kaffie:

Eduardo Urbano Merino:

Pati Chapoy:

The Chicuela:

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