Wealthy man leaves most of his fortune to the bellboy who always made him feel at home

Employee of a hotel inherits the inheritance of a guest.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Like in a fairy tale, a hotel bellboy became a millionaire after a wealthy tourist left him most of his fortune.

And despite not having the need to work, after having money to spare, the man swore he would keep working.

The tourist from the United Kingdom, Charles George Courtney, whose age was not disclosed, He left most of his fortune to bellboy Taskin Dasdan, originally from Turkey.

According to the English media Mirror, the lucky worker said that the generous offer also included some smaller amounts for his hotel colleagues, and admitted that neither he nor they had any idea that they would be taken into account to enjoy the man’s fortune. .

Remembering the incredible situation that happened last year, Taskin says the first thing he heard was when the hotel was contacted by UK officials. in order to talk to some of the staff.

The man admitted that he was surprised when they told him what it was.

The nouveau riche have been working as buttons since 1990, and had known the wealthy man for many years.

Taskin said that he always tried to make sure that Charles felt welcome and part of the family, just like he did with the rest of the guests.

At the hotel we treat everyone equallyas if they were part of the family, not as tourists,” the bellboy told Bayez Gazete at the time.

Also, he said that Charles always stayed in room 401, which was called by the employees as the Charlie’s room.

He also said that there had already been another episode of generosity on the part of the old man, who had given him some money for his children’s education, for which he had been enormously grateful.

After Charles died in 2021 his direct relatives were left with their mouths open after discovering that in his will the main part of his inheritance was destined for Taskin.

In addition, he had left a smaller sum to distribute among other employees of the establishment.

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