Wearing sexy cheeky shorts Martha Higareda does a daring pole dance and turns on the nets

If something characterizes Martha Higareda is that he is not afraid to embark on many projects at the same time, even if this implies learning several disciplines from scratch. Now she has caused a furor in Instagram thanks to a video that shows her wearing a white top and shorts cacheterosthen start doing pole dancing (in preparation for a new character); the message she wrote next to her post was “Dare to learn something new. 2nd class! The acting profession takes us to unexpected places!”

Martha always looks very beautiful in her posts, and for his new movie he has also changed the color of his hair: “New look !!! I had never lightened my hair. It’s for a character I’m going to play in my next movie. I share them with emotion ☺️”.

The physical preparation of Martha Higareda it’s constant; His routines are always aimed at toning his entire body and not a particular area. A few days ago she showed off in tight colored leggings naked after going to the gym, and wrote a text about it: “I did not value those things, but I promised to exercise and take care of myself, and with love I share my progress. step by step I love !”

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