Wedding at the door? They assure Rauw Alejandro would have given Rosalía a ring

The romance between Raww Alexander and Rosalia is going stronger every day, this is how the couple has boasted, but recently celebrities have caught the attention of their followers and it was all because of a photo that the Spanish woman published on Instagram, do they already have plans to reach the altar?

And it is that, they have assured that the singer would have given an engagement ring to the interpreter of “With height” during his trip to Santorini, Greece, since they have raised strong rumors that the artist received a luxurious and spectacular but suspicious ring.

In AmericanPost.News we have shared some photos of the singer in a bikini, as she showed off her beautiful figure with a Kim Kardashian design, but now an image has caught the attention of users, and caused various reactions.

Was the singer engaged to Rauw Alejandro?

The singer and Rauw Alejandro The singer wore a suspicious ring

In the photograph that the Spanish woman uploaded on her Instagram profile, the ring she wears on her ring finger can be seen. On her part, the Puerto Rican also shared some photos of her tour of Greece, where you can see the famous woman with the suspicious ring.

The singer wore suspected ring Rauw Alejandro boasts romance with the Spanish

It is worth mentioning that none of the celebrities has confirmed or clarified those rumors of a possible commitment, as the couple is enjoying a moment of relaxation on their romantic trip through the beaches of Santorini.

How long have Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía been together?

Rauw Alejandro boasts romance with the Spanish

Users have questioned how long celebrities have been dating, as we remember that it was in September 2021 that they shouted their romance from the rooftops, so they have been dating for months. Since they showed off their courtship, they look more in love than ever.

Although the recent photos shared by the singer Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have left users intrigued, who suspect that perhaps the artist would have given the interpreter an engagement ring.