Welcome home, Leo: Messi scored a hat-trick on his return to Argentina with which he beat Pelé [Video]

Welcome home, Leo: Messi scored a hat-trick on his return to Argentina with which he beat Pelé [Video]

Photo: Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / AFP / Getty Images

Lionel messi pleases in everything Argentina. First, he led them in the conquest of the Copa América 2020, and at the closing of the triple date of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, he fell in love with the fans who attended to see the national team at Buenos Aires with a great goal.

For the Albiceleste, their match against Bolivia at the Antonio Vespucio Liberti Stadium is the first with an audience since they won the Copa América. All tickets offered were sold to see the reigning champion of America.

And also to see Lionel messi. His ’10’, his captain, returned to do his thing with a performance that the assistants will not forget. At minute 14 ′ he made a pipe to Luis Haquín and immediately hit him with the outer edge of his foot, placing the ball at the angle.

Nothing to do for Carlos Lampe. A goal to see in loop.

In the second half he was in charge of defining the game: at 65 ′ he made it 2-0 that ended up taking Bolivia out of the game. Thanks to a series of quick touches he managed to stay hand in hand and as usual, he punished.

The win culminated at 88 ′, when Messi took advantage of a rebound given by goalkeeper Lampe to finish off without any opposition and with a powerful volley.

3-0 and a crowd that cheered his name.

Lionel messi, with his hat-trick, he surpassed Pelé in the list of top scorers in the history of South American international football. He went from having 76 goals to 79. The Brazilian had 77 goals.

The Argentine captain could not contain his emotion at the end of a dream match: he showed the Copa América to his country, scored three goals to overcome Pelé and did it in front of his family. It was one of the best nights of his life.

And so he confessed after the meeting ended: “I dreamed of this all my life“, He counted through tears. Messi made his figure bigger again.

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