Wendy Guevara reveals private messages with Eduin Caz following his recent divorce

Wendy Guevara steps forward with insights into her communications with Eduin Caz amidst circulating rumors of his romantic links to a trans influencer.

In the swirling center of romance rumors, Eduin Caz finds his name splashed across headlines once more. Recent leaks of alleged private conversations between the Grupo Firme lead vocalist and a trans influencer have sparked speculations about a romantic link, despite the singer’s denials.

Yet, Eduin Caz’s connection with the trans community isn’t a new narrative. Influencer Wendy Guevara has stepped into the spotlight, revealing her private interactions with Caz and the nature of their communication.

Eduin Caz y Wendy Guevara
Has Eduin Caz flirted with Wendy Guevara through social networks?

The Story According to Wendy Guevara

As the tale unfolds, Wendy Guevara becomes an unexpected narrator. While she confirms that Eduin Caz has reached out to her via social media, she paints a different picture than one might expect. “I have messaged with Eduin Caz. I joke as friends, he has never said anything to me, because when a man likes trans women, he would have already told me,” she shares, distancing herself from the rumors of romance.

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Her tone shifts as she discusses the claims of the trans influencer in question, “I do not believe, but then they want to make controversy and want to become famous, what ugly ways,” Wendy asserts, coming to the defense of what she suggests is a platonic friendship with Caz.

Eduin Caz y Daisy Anahy
Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy announced their divorce this 2023

Eduin Caz’s Personal Life in the Public Eye

This gossip comes on the heels of a personal upheaval for Eduin Caz, who divorced Daisy Anahy in 2023 after eight years of marriage marred by two public instances of infidelity. The former couple, who share three children, continue to make public appearances together, leaving the door open to speculation about a potential reconciliation.