Were they about to get married? Osvaldo Ríos broke the silence about his love relationship with Shakira

Although many times the Colombian singer Shakira has tried to lead a reserved lifestyle when it comes to loveIn his case it is a bit complex because he is part of the world of entertainment and even more so if he is linked to another person from the same circle. It was around 1997 when she and actor Osvaldo Ríos had a relationship.

As is well known, ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ ends up being a program that reveals many personal things and Ríos was no exception after having talked about that romance that occurred more than 25 years ago.

By then The woman from Barranquilla was 20 years old and he was almost 37. However, the relationship was fractured when the Puerto Rican singer also told the media that they were already living under the same roof, but everything was completely false.

“There it was normal, from dad, mom, look at the house, accompanied by brother Tonino, who are still friends… We had plans to get married and everything, we had seen home”Rivers said.

In a fairly brief way, he took the opportunity to mention the possible reason for the breakup from his point of view.

“She was just starting with ‘Pies descalzos’ and had a whole world to live, when you love someone it is better to set them free and it is the best proof of love that you can give him, “he added.

However, the Cuban actress Niurka Marcos doubted the words he expressed when explaining the end of the relationship with Shakira, for which she described him as a “hummingbird” and he replied that: “I had to fly , It was the best thing that happened to him, not following me“.

“With her I behaved very loyal and faithful, but I was neither loyal nor faithful at that time“, he finished.

More than two decades have passed, and the Colombian currently has her family with the 35-year-old soccer player Gerard Piqué, with whom she already has two children, those are Milan and Sasha.

The barranquillera is 10 years apart from the Spanish athlete, romance that began more than a decade ago and they have not married.

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