Westworld: What can The Man in Black do now that he’s a host?

The end of season 3 of Westworld saw William aka The man in black, meet his host counterpart, which led to a dramatic ending, so what will William do as host in season 4 of the Serie?

While the post-credits scene from Westworld season 2 was set in a distant future still unexplored by the series, the scene from season 3 laid the foundation for that future with host William now active.

Almost two years after Hbo premiere first trailer of the third season of “Westworld”, which showed a total change for The Man in Black, the fans they are puzzled about the possible future of the character.

What will happen to The Man in Black?

The post-credits scene for season 3 showed William, who had spent most of the season hallucinating in a therapy clinic, arriving at a health facility. Of the, only to find a host version of himself.

Charlotte told the real William that it was easy to replicate, indicating that the host was a true copy. That could also mean that the host will not be an ally of Dolores / Charlotte for long due to their history of disobedience.

It seems likely the host! William will find his own path throughout Season 4. His human predecessor died seeking to kill all hosts and his host version could choose to go down that path as well.

Another detail in the season 3 finale was that when William’s host slit his throat, the latter was seen clutching the wound and falling to the ground, but the camera zoomed away from him before he could take his last breath. .

Considering that the cutting-edge technology used to repair hosts’ wounds also works on humans, many fans are hoping that the real William will return for season 4.

When does Westworld season 4 premiere?

Westworld season 4 to premiere in 2022

How we reveal you in AmericanPost.News Previously, the fourth season of the series will premiere sometime in 2022. As for the future of the show, the creators of Westworld do not know how many more seasons the series will have.

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