“What a little mother, inflated player”: Michel Vázquez furiously attacks José Juan Macías after Chivas’ defeat against Puebla

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

Jose Juan Macias He has been one of the most criticized footballers after Chivas’ defeat against Puebla on the last day of Liga MX. Macías returned after an ephemeral and unproductive stint in Spain, and he still hasn’t shown a performance to match in Mexico. Michael Vazquezformer player of the Sacred Flock, attacked the young Mexican furiously due to his attitude in the aforementioned meeting.

Through his Instagram stories, Vázquez lashed out strongly: “Do you go for a walk? What a little mother, inflated player! Money you already have, why do you want more? How many goals have you had in Chivas? 5? 10? Wow, idol, you will say that you played in Europe, you went on vacation, dad. I wish idols like Héctor Reynoso, Ramón Morales, Omar Bravo had played you in Chivas“, he expressed.

The former player of the Sacred Flock, who also went through clubs such as Querétaro, Estudiantes Tecos, Pumas Morelos, Delfines, Lobos BUAP, Veracruz and Celaya, was upset because he considers that “for much less” they criticized him when he lived in Guadalajara, where scored six goals in 42 games.

Even so, Vázquez was wrong, since Macías has already surpassed his goalscoring records (19 goals). And since he returned to Mexico, he has barely played two games, both coming off the bench.

JJ Macias He was sure of his decision to return to the Sacred Flock, which is in low hours. Soon it will be time for him to show on the field what he has said to the press.