What an offer! Company pays almost 5 thousand pesos to travel and drink a lot of wine

United Kingdom.- Finding the perfect job is something that almost anyone dreams of, however, making it a reality sounds complicated. Although this situation is difficult, there are options that no one should miss out on, as a wine company recently announced that it will pay $240 a day to travel and drink wine.

The company that is looking for this type of special talent is Majestic Wine the largest specialist wine company in the UK.

According to the company’s announcement, this internship as an employee will be to visit various vineyards in the Iberian Peninsula to taste wines from Spain and Portugal with everything paid in addition to a compensation of 240 dollars a day to spend.

Whoever is selected will also receive a box of wine to enjoy at home and evaluate the two experiences and decide which is better.

Although the ad seems too good to be true, the company clarified that this is not any type of fraud, much less looking for people with taste and knowledge in wines.

Well, beyond the experience, they want the selected person to be open-minded, have a passport to travel and be a lover of wine bottles.

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To sign up for the application, all you have to do is go to the official website of Majestic Wine and fill out a form in which, with 200 words, you will explain why you deserve the role as a wine taster.