What Angélica Rivera said about her possible return to soap operas

(Photo: Facebook/Angelica Rivera)

After more than two years of not giving interviews to the media, Angelica Rivera gave a few short ones again statements for the cameras, among them he mentioned that he hopes go back to television and be a grandmother.

Angélica Rivera decided to get away from the media after being the first lady of Mexico in the six-year term of her ex-husband, the former president Enrique Pena Nieto, and their divorce. However, on the night of this February 23, she allowed her to be photographed when she arrived and left an exclusive restaurant in The Angels with his daughter Sofía and his son-in-law, he also answered some questions asked by the reporters.

For three years the actress has lived in the United States, where yesterday she had a short meeting with photographers and the microphone of The fat and the skinnyfor whom he commented that he may possibly return to soap operas.

When asked if she will have a return to melodramas Mexicans and it will be soon, Seagull answered: “Let’s hope so”. He also thanked the attention received.

Angelica Rivera
The actress mentioned that she hopes to return to soap operas soon (Photo: screenshot/El gordo y la flaca)

After leaving the restaurant, among the questions he answered, he mentioned that “of course” that she would like to become a grandmother soonhowever, her daughter mentioned that, before giving grandchildren to her mother, she thinks about marrying her boyfriend, Paul Bernotalthough he mentioned that he still He doesn’t know when he will propose to her.

Sofía Castro also replied that she would like perform alongside Angelica; “How can I not like working with my mom, she said. Seagull seconded his daughter saying: “It would be an honor, of course”. Later he mentioned that Sofia is a good singer.

Finally, Rivera agreed to take pictures with some of the people who asked him and again thanked the media for their attention.

In recent months Angélica Rivera has once again exposed herself to her public, mainly through the social networks of her daughters, who have shared photographs with their mother. even a few days ago I danced for a video of TikTok together Sofia and Fernanda Castro.

seagull tiktoker
La Gaviota appeared in a TikTok video dancing with her daughters (Photo: TikTok fercastro991)

The last time there was talk of a possible return of the actress to soap operas, it was when Jose Alberto The Guero Castro mentioned that he would like to propose a character to his ex-wife and be the one again I took her to the small screenHowever, she assured that at the moment she has not found the ideal script for her.

“When I have the story I would like to propose it, she is an excellent actress Let’s hope that it can happen later,” he said in an interview with windowing.

In September 2021 the protagonist of distilling love posted a message on his stories from Instagram and, although her account is private, Sofia also shared the publication. In it, the actress revealed that she felt ready to leave her fears behind and start developing new projects.

On the other hand, a few days ago, the name of Angélica Rivera was positioned again in social networks thanks to the fact that Cynthia Klitbowho is one of her best friends, mentioned that the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, would have been unfaithful to your wife.

Enrique Pena Nieto and Angelica Rivera
Angélica had not given statements to the media since announcing her divorce from Enrique Peña Nieto (Photo: Instagram/@epn)

According to the actress, she would have witnessed all the times her friend cried when she found out that her husband he would have cheated on her with her best friend’s daughter. Klitbo was careful not to mention the name of the third in contention.

He added that Seagull She did not want to separate from her position as first lady or divorce after infidelity because she wanted to take care of her responsibilities until the end of the six-year term.


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