What are the 3 movies on Netflix that you must see before they disappear?

What are the 3 movies on netflix to see before May 14? In AmericanPost.News We share more details of the tapes that will disappear from the catalog of the streaming platform; some of them were at the time works with multimillion-dollar box offices.

And it is that, in the next few days these films will disappear from the platform, so you should watch them in your free time, since it may not be shown on the platform again, as we remember that new films and series are released every month .

Previously we shared 3 movies to watch in May, since these films have been released this month, even one of them has excited users for the love story, in the same way they have released new series, since the platform has great variety.

Movies on Netflix to watch before May 14

“Da Vinci Code” “After Earth” “365 DNI: That Day”

One of the movies to watch is “Da Vinci Code”, starring actor Tom Hanks. The tape deals with the story of a murder in the Louvre Museum and clues in Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings. You should see this tape before May 11.

another tape is “Gatao 2: Rise of the King”, a Taiwanese action movie, showing fight scenes with katanas. It is worth mentioning that it is the second film that you must see before May 14.

“After Earth” “365 DNI: That Day”

And the third option to see before it disappears from the platform is “After Earth”, film starring Will Smith and Jade Smith. This project tells the story of an emergency landing that leaves young Kitai and his father Cypher trapped on planet Earth.

What is the most watched movie on Netflix?

“365 DNI: That Day”

Users have questioned which is the most watched movie on the platform, because “365 DNI: That day” has managed to captivate users, in the same way other films that have positioned themselves as the most popular in Mexico are: “Incompatibles 2 “, “Sonic the movie”.

As well as “Marmaduke”, “Forties”, “Men in Black: International”, “Let Go”, “Doomsday: Judgment Day”, “The Inheritance of Mr. Deeds” and “Mother’s Love”, because they are the films on Netflix that have captured the attention of viewers.

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