What are the most expensive foods in the world

Melons, mangoes, caviar of the finest, elk cheese, Iberian ham and even coffee, are some examples of the most expensive foods in the world.

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We are all clear that eating is a basic human need, it is the main source of energy and what keeps us alive. However on a deeper level, the food reflects the culture and traditions of each region of the world. Which has served as the perfect inspiration for the birth of the most fascinating gastronomies that with the passage of time have left an indelible legacy and a fundamental part is the use of emblematic ingredients that are the basis of elegant dishes. It is well known that some people push their limits to extravagant luxury and are willing to pay large sums of money for a meal. Based on this, we undertook the task of compiling the list of 8 most expensive foods in the world.

1. Caviar Souls

Cost: $ 25,000 per can.

So far it is considered the most expensive food in the world. It is a completely unaffordable luxury, which is only available to the most millionaires around the world. It is sold packed in a 24 carat gold box, exclusively by the London importer House & Prunier, it is a type of caviar that It comes from the albino beluga sturgeon from the Caspian Sea in Iran.

2. King Yubari Melon

Cost: $ 10,000 a piece.

Believe it or not a simple melon ranks second on the list, this variant is a Hybrid between Earl’s Favorite and Burpee’s so-called “hot melon”. They are only grown in greenhouses in Japan, in the city of Yubari. They are characterized by their round, almost perfect spherical shape, they have semi-smooth skin and bright orange pulp.

3. Brisbane mangoes

Cost: $ 4,000 per fruit.

Another of the most surprising foods on the list, without a doubt, are Brisbane mangoes, not in vain each piece of mango can be sold for up to 4,000 dollars. It is even more impressive to know that there is information, in which it was confirmed that in an auction two pieces of these mangoes were sold in Australia for $ 50,000 each. They are characterized by being very heavy and have a different amount of sugar to the common varieties of mango, in large part that is why they are considered a delicacy.

4. Saffron

Cost: $ 4,000 per kilogram.

It is well known that there are some exotic spices that can be worth large sums of money, however saffron simply takes the trophy and not only in the category of spices: It is in the top 5 of the most expensive foods in the world. Not for nothing saffron is a treasure popularly called “red gold” and it is the most expensive spice in the world. Much of its price and delicacy is that is extracted from the stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower; but each flower contains only a few.

5. Truffles

Cost: $ 3,000 per kilogram.

Truffles top iconic exotic dishes, perfumed and elegant, they are the perfect touch of class. They are a type of fungus that only grows underground, 20 centimeters deep and to locate them you need trained pigs. Due to their high cost and strong flavor, they are used as spices to season other dishes.

6. Pule Cheese

Cost: $ 1,500 per kilogram.

It is considered the most expensive cheese in the world. And the reason is a rather peculiar peculiarity and it is that it is a cheese that is made with donkey’s milk and is only made in Serbia, to be more specific in the Zasavica nature reserve. A fascinating fact: to obtain a kilo of cheese you need 25 liters of donkey’s milk.

7. Moose milk cheese

Cost: $ 1,100 per kilogram.

It is exclusive to Moose House, a small farm in northern Sweden. Their owners milk their three magnificent elk: Gulla, Haelga and Juna, only between May and September. Each moose produces on average, a little over a pound of milk a day, which gives a total of 600 pounds of cheese per year and that is why getting it is a difficult task and an absolute delicacy.

8. Kobe Beef or Wagyu Entrecote

Cost: $ 1,100 per kilogram.

One of Japan’s best-kept treasures is Kobe beef. Which is considered the most exquisite and lean meat in the world, it is obtained from the wagyu -a bovine breed originating from Kobe, Japan.- The great peculiarity is that the cattle are subjected to a diet that includes beer and sake, they even receive massages to guarantee the softness of their meat. Wonderful!

9. Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Albarragena

Cost: $ 350 per kilogram.

This ham is so eccentric and expensive, that It has its own DNA certificate to guarantee that it is made with meat from pigs fed with acorns and roots, and raised in Extremadura, Spain. To be honest, it is one of the most exceptional legacies of Spain to the world, a true delight that is enjoyed with a simple glass of wine.You will not need more!

10. Civet coffee

Cost: $ 205 per kilogram.

Believe it or not, we close the list with a type of coffee, although it is one of the most common everyday consumer products, there are very expensive variants! Such is the case of the most expensive, civet coffee. Native to Indonesia, it is also known as Kopi Luwak coffee and is made from the excrement of the Asian palm civet, an animal that is fed with cherry coffee beans, which it digests and defecates. A cup of this unique drink can cost up to $ 100.

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