What are the planets that have water, besides the Earth; learn more about our universe

Guadalajara Jalisco. – Although Until now, the earth is the only place where we humans live.Natural way we look for places in the stars that allow us, even in many years, to inhabit them and one of the conditions for it to be habitable is that there is water in them.

This is how in our searches in space, we have found some planets that contain water, in addition to the earth, such is the case of Mars that, in 2015, the American space agency (NASA) confirmed that there is intermittent flowing water.

Another case is Enceladusthe moon that Saturn has and that was explored with the Cassini mission, as well as Europeone of Jupiter’s moons that scientists believe may also have an underground ocean.

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Uranus for its part, the seventh closest to the sun and third in size is made up of various types of ice, although its main ice is water, however, it also contains ammonia and methane ice, likewise, your water is charged with electricity.

According to studies by the Kepler spacecraft and the WM Kech Observatory, so far it can be seen that 22 percent (%) of the sun-type stars in our galaxy have planets that are similar in size to the earth, with living areas and if there is water it can allow life.

Neptune also has frozen water on its surface, and it has a hot gas mix of water, hydrogen, helium, and methane, just like Jupiter which has mixtures of water and hydrogen.