What are the properties of Roberto Palazuelos?

Roberto Palazuelos He has one of the greatest fortunes among the stars of the Mexican artistic medium, but his wealth is not due to his career in television in Mexico. Mexico in several TV soaps.

It is thanks to its chain of Hotels that the call Black diamond has managed to cultivate a fortune greater than that achieved only with soap operas, as we will reveal to you below in The Truth News.

Roberto Palazuelos’ television shows have been successful, but it is his hotels and properties in the Riviera maya the main source of income for the actor-turned-influencer.

How many properties does Roberto Palazuelos have?

Properties of Roberto Palazuelos Roberto Palazuelos, Mexican actor

Previously we introduced you to the luxurious house of Roberto Palazuelos in Cancun, but he also owns resorts in Tulum and Acapulco As the Hotel Diamante K on the Riviera maya.

Also in Tulum he owns the Hotel Ahau, where Hollywood stars have stayed, such as Cameron Diaz, Demi moore and even drew Barrymore. His first hotel, “El Diamante”, was built before the hotel boom in Quintana Roo.

What is the name of Roberto Palazuelos’ hotel in Acapulco?

The mansion in Acapulco de Palazuelos is not a hotel in good shape, but it does offer accommodation to national and international tourists in an Airbnb-style mode for a total of 3 hotels and a mansion as part of its heritage.

The property in Acapulco is known as “The House of the Ensenada”, and just one night in it reaches a cost of 34 thousand pesos. You can make a reservation on its official website, www.casadeensenda.com.

What has Roberto Palazuelos done?

Roberto Palazuelos, Mexican actor

Almost all of Mexico knows who Roberto Palazuelos is, an actor famous for villain roles in telenovelas of Televisa, owner of 3 hotels (Hotel Ahau Tulum, Hotel Casa Agape and Hotel Diamante K) as well as his lodging mansion in Acapulco.

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