What are the worst carbohydrates for the heart?

Less healthy carbohydrate sources promote diabetes and heart disease.

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The consumption of foods that provide carbohydrates is part of a healthy diet. Experts point out that what is important is the type of carbohydrate you choose to eat as some can have a negative effect on heart health.

Carbohydrates provide the body with glucose, which is converted into energy that the body uses for various functions and physical activity.

The Harvard Nutrition Source notes that carbohydrates are found in a wide range of healthy and unhealthy foods. It also explains that there are a variety of forms, the most common are: sugars, fibers and starches.

The healthiest sources of carbohydrates are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed or minimally processed beans.

Harvard notes that sources of carbohydrates Less healthy include white bread, pastries, soft drinks, and other highly processed or refined foods. These foods, in addition to contributing to weight gain, also promote diabetes and heart disease.

The Worst Carbs for Heart Health

Sodas and other sugary drinks are some of the worst carbohydrates for your heart. “Sodas and other sugary drinks are simple carbohydrates that are released into the bloodstream faster than other foods and cause a dramatic rise in blood sugarexplains dietitian Julie Upton via Eat This Not That.

Studies have found that consumption of sugary drinks is associated with higher triglycerides and an increased risk of heart disease.

Harvard shares that a study that followed 40,000 men for two decades found that those who averaged a can of a sugary drink per day had a 20% increased risk of having a heart attack or dying from a heart attack than men who rarely drank sugary drinks.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association in 2020 found Adverse effects of beverage consumption on the lipid profile.

The authors reported that regular consumption of one serving per day of sugar-sweetened beverages was associated with a decrease in high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the so-called “good cholesterol,” and an increase in triglycerides.

The American Heart Association notes that too much cholesterol of the bad kind, or not enough of the good kind, increases the risk that cholesterol will slowly build up on the inner walls of the arteries that feed the heart and brain.

Sugary drinks include sodas, colas, tonics, fruit punch, sweetened lemonades and orangeades, powdered sweetened beverages, as well as sports and energy drinks.

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