What Checo says about his RB19: Did Red Bull Racing give Verstappen a better car than Perez?

Checo Pérez dispels rumors about unequal cars, discusses racing pressures, and remains focused on regaining his early-season form.

After five grand prix without making it to Saturday’s Q3 and yet another accident this past Friday in Hungary, Checo Pérez is under the spotlight at Hungaroring. The Mexican driver gave an interview to ‘Mundo Deportivo’ where he clarified some of the stories being circulated about the possible difference between his car and Max Verstappen’s and about the challenges he’s been facing as the season progresses.

Two Different RB19s?

“The cars are the same. The team’s interest is to have both cars up there every race. It’s crazy what is being said outside. There’s a lot of speculation.” He denies that his car was ‘damaged’ in any of the races. “No, no, that’s impossible! The team is fully focused on giving me the opportunity to perform at my best.”

The Challenges of a Very Aggressive Car

“Yes, yes… in the end, the development goes on, the races go by, and sometimes you feel like… ah! I can no longer do this as I used to and I have to look for it in the ‘setup’ (adjustments). And you evolve over the weekend, conditions change, and that part where you don’t feel comfortable is more evident under difficult conditions.”

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The Most Pressured Spot on the Grid

“I stand by my statement. 90% of the drivers would sink next to Verstappen. If you’re not mentally strong, you can’t be at Red Bull. Here, you must not underestimate the level of pressure you’re subjected to. Red Bull is a team where if you have a bad session, you already have five drivers in the crosshairs. There’s constant pressure from the press. In these three years, I’ve never seen this in any other team. With Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes, and any team you name, all their drivers have had challenging moments, but it’s no big deal. It’s not like at Red Bull, where if you have a bad moment, you’re expected to leave the team.”

Unconcerned with Future Rumors

“Right now, I’m just thinking about this moment, about getting back to the level I was at the beginning of the season because a lot of people forget and think that I’m second in the championship because they give away points at the store. Right? If I’m still second in the World Championship after the bad streak I’ve had, it’s because of my good start to the year. But anyway, my only goal now is to get back to that level and I’m not thinking beyond that. I’m not thinking about 2025.”