What Cynthia Rodríguez said after the displeasure she caused in a couple for one of her photos

Cynthia Rodríguez did not hesitate to help a fanatic in distress (Photo: Instagram / @ vaniama Makeup)

Cynthia Rodriguez helped a user after he was supposedly get into trouble with your partner by giving like to a publication of the singer and driver. The netizen also asked for help from the Capi perez, who as expected responded in a hilarious way.

The surfer Nestor Medrano shared his story via Twitter. In an image, the boy showed a chat he has with his partner. His girlfriend asked him: “What do you have to say about it, love?”. The situation was triggered when Nestor gave him I like it to a photo Cynthia uploaded to her Instagram.

His partner did not let the situation pass, so he took a screenshot as evidence. Medrano, in an act of desperation, commented: “She’s my friend”. He immediately sent the message to Come the joy, the morning where Cynthia Rodríguez drives.

Cynthia Rodriguez
The user asked for Cynthia’s help (Photo: Twitter Capture)

“Prayer chain for this soldier who is about to fall. Aren’t we friends, Cynthia Rodríguez? “wrote the tweeter next to the photograph of the chat with his partner. In addition to raving about the musical interpreter, he also echoed when mentioning the program and Capi Pérez.

Cynthia Rodríguez did not hesitate to help the hurried boy. “Greetings, friend Nestor”, was what he responded to appease the jealousy of his fanatic’s partner. Some users expressed that they are in the same situation and only see Carlos Rivera’s current girlfriend as a close friend.

Cynthia Rodriguez
The response of “Cyn” to the situation (Photo: Twitter capture)

In the same tweet of help that the user Néstor published, he asked: “Help me, compa Capi Pérez”. The comedian from Aguascalientes also responded to the call, although he preferred to take it with enough humor. “You say that you just liked the lighting and the location”, he expressed.

For his part, the tweeter did not update more on the comical situation that unleashed his like, but he expressed gratitude to be supported by Cynthia Rodríguez and also by standup leader Capi Pérez.

Capi perez
El Cap took the opportunity to make a joke (Photo: Twitter capture)

Recently, Cynthia Rodríguez drove social networks crazy for her daring photos in a swimsuit. In the same location it was also found Carlos rivera, with whom he maintains a loving relationship that for years he has kept away from the spotlight.

The bride and groom went on vacation to Tulum, one of the most aphrodisiac destinations in Mexico. The heat of the beach, as well as the imposing landscapes, were the perfect excuse to show their spectacular figures. Rodríguez revealed her curves with a red bikini.

Cynthia Rodriguez
The photograph that unleashed the “fight” in the couple (Photo: Instagram / Cynthia Rodríguez)

During another day of her stay in Tulum, the former participant of The academy elegantly portrayed in a black dress. With a look very natural, the singer stole all the sighs. “Magical night, in a room with only the light of the candles. The sea, the stars, you and me “he wrote in the description of the postcard.

Carlos Rivera took advantage of his partner’s Instagram update to touch her with a tender comment. “Of all the stars, the most beautiful is you”, wrote the musical theater actor.

(Capture: @ cynoficial / Instagram)
The VLA host has just over 3 million followers on Instagram. (Capture: @ cynoficial / Instagram)

Although the couple was formalized in 2016, after a decade of meeting in the reality TV Azteca musical, little is known about their life as a whole. Both Rivera and Rodríguez agreed to keep a low profile.

As counting, Cynthia kept Carlos Rivera as a best friend for years. The possibility of dating vanished when Carlos went to live in Spain, where he presented for a season The Lion King. However, the actor also returned in 2015, since then, they began to frequent more.

They have been in a formal relationship for almost six years. However, and as they stressed when they made their union public, they wanted respect for their privacy, so there are not many postcards together.


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