What Dani Alves generates: Chivas players lined up to get an autograph from the Brazilian [Foto]

Photo: Eloisa Sanchez / Imago7

Chivas continue with a firm step in Liga MX by achieving their third consecutive victory by beating Dani Alves’s Pumas who are still unable to wake up. However, and after the match ended, a curious moment was experienced with the historic Brazilian winger.

And it is that several Chivas soccer players wanted to take an autograph from the Brazilian and they did not mind queuing in the dressing room of the Akron Stadium and waiting for Alves to leave to be able to ask for his autograph.

Among the Chivas players who lined up to wait for Dani Alves, names like Alexis Vega, Luis Olivas, Cone Brizuela, Tiba SepĂşlveda, among others, stood out. Among the players, there was even one who wore a Brazil national team shirt for the Pumas player to sign.

This action generated several criticisms from some fans on social networks, as they considered this practice as incorrect, something similar to what happened when the America footballers did the same with the Manchester City players.