What do I do with this hypochondriac?

We all know a hypochondriac; that friend or family member who, when asked how he is, is always worried about his health and without having set foot in a doctor’s office, thinks that with each headache a tumor grows in his brain.

What many do not know is that behind so many complaints and ailments, a very real mental illness is hidden. Hypochondriasis is medically recognized as an anxiety disorder that causes excessive fear and worry related to health.

I remember once a cousin told me she might have uterine cancer because she had been suffering from the most painful constipation of her life for a week. Searching for information about this cancer, she discovered that the pelvic pain she felt could also be a symptom of the deadly disease. In her head he created a movie that included her death in a few months. She later realized that eating too many plantain mofongo on her vacation to Puerto Rico created intestinal discomfort. And this is how a hypochondriac formulates an imaginary diagnosis that creates so much anxiety.

Hypochondriacs have always existed, however this syndrome has become common with the age of the Internet and easy access to all kinds of medical information. And it is that if a nail hurts, a welt appears on the skin or the heart accelerates, we immediately consult Doctor Google, looking for an answer that can cause a greater concern.

How to help a hypochondriac?
Seek help: Like any other mental condition, the most difficult step is to accept and seek psychological or psychiatric treatment. If possible, accompany him to the medical appointment in order to emphasize diagnosis and treatment details later.
Have a lot of patience and empathy: Telling him that he is making up illnesses will stress him out more, worsening his mental condition.
Invite him to be distracted: The more time he spends worrying, the more obsessed he will live. Take him out for a walk, watch a movie, make dessert, or do another activity that distracts him. The busier the mind, the less opportunity there will be to aggravate the supposed and alarming medical condition. Breaking the chain of obsessive thoughts about illness is the cure for a hypochondriac.

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