What documents will Donald Trump deliver to Congress on the day of the assault on the Capitol?

Former US President Donald Trump.-

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The House committee investigating the events of January 6 at the Capitol must receive from the National Archives documentation on actions and communications of the then president, since the court denied the request for Donald trump to remain hidden.

“Presidents are not kings and the plaintiff is not the president”, said Tanya Chutkan, judge of the District of Columbia when rejecting the request of Donald Trump allowed the use of ‘executive privilege’ to prevent the Congressional Committee investigating the assault on Capitol get certain documents.

And the doors for the Committee to receive the required documents stating that “this is a dispute between a former president and the current president (…) And the Supreme Court has already made it clear that, in such circumstances, more weight is given to the opinion of the current owner”.

Trump performance and communication

Agendas, memos and handwritten notes would show how Trump acted and communicated with his advisers that January 6, when the headquarters of Congress was attacked by a mob of his supporters, after a political event outside the White House.

If there is no blockage in the courts that the former president’s lawyers are managing, the National Archives will have to deliver what the legislators ask for.

The White House has the power to protect sensitive communications between a president and his aides, and decides whether or not to accept his predecessor’s request.

However, in this case the Biden government considers it essential that congressmen have access to documentation that allows them to establish what happened that day, which the government considers one of the biggest attacks on democracy.

These are the files of the White House chief of staff; Mark Meadows, the Archives of the President’s Senior Advisor, Stephen Miller; the White House newspaper, presidential diaries, schedules, visitor appointment information, activity and call logs; drafts of speeches, statements and correspondence; three handwritten notes from the archives of mr. Meadows; the Oval Office operations files and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany files.

Former President Trump has also asked that pages of multiple folders with proposed talking points be reserved for the press secretary; presidential activity calendars and a handwritten note; the draft text of a presidential speech for the Save America march on January 6; another handwritten note from Mark Meadows with scheduled or potential informational meetings and phone calls; a draft executive order on electoral integrity and a chain of emails with a state official on points related to the elections. The list of documents is part of a memorandum from Donald Trump.

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