What does Sasha Sökol, a former member of the Timbiriche group, do for a living?

Mexico. Sasha Sökol is one of the former members of the Timbiriche group who after her became a solo singer and actress and was able to participate in important projects, but for some time to date he stopped appearing in the atmosphere of the show.

Sasha Sökol, 51 years old, managed to have fame and recognition from her fans, but perhaps not in the same way as other former members of Timbiriche such as Thalía, Paulina Rubio or Edith Márquez.

Sasha is recognized for her talent and beauty, since she has a style and voice that make her unique, and although she recorded several albums as a soloist, she couldn’t become the musical star that she herself perhaps one day longed for.

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In addition, Sasha was able to act in Mexican soap operas such as Alcanzar una Estrella and El Premio Mayor, this between the 1980s and 1990s, and in 2002 she had her last participation as an actress in the melodrama El País de las Mujeres.

Since that year (2002) Sasha remains out of acting, and regarding music, in 2010 he presented his latest album Soy yo, this after ten years of having brought to light Yellow Time, another of his musical productions.

In 2017 and according to information in her biography, Sasha reappeared on stage with the Timbiriche group and met up with her friends like Benny, Erick, Diego, Alix and Mariana on a concert tour through different cities in the Mexican Republic.

Now Sasha Sökol stays a bit away from show business, although he does not stop collaborating in some musical projects, and in social networks she maintains a low profile, despite that, her fans do not forget her and constantly ask her to reappear and offer them new things about her in music.

Sasha Sökol has had a difficult personal life, since years ago he fell into drug networks, it is also shared in his biography, where it is highlighted that at the beginning of 1994 he reappeared in the artistic world in Mexico and revealed that his prolonged absence was due to his addiction to cocaine and eating problems that he was finally able to overcome.

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Sasha Sökol began her artistic career in her childhood, this in 1982 when she was part of the group Timbiriche where she stayed for several years and became famous, and five years later she debuted as a soloist. with songs like Rueda mi mente and Nothing surprises me.

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