What does the end of La Casa de Papel mean?

After waiting for a while, the streaming platform of Netflix presented the last chapters of the Spanish series, but some users have questioned what the end of La Casa de Papel, so in AmericanPost.News We share what you should know.

The series became a worldwide phenomenon, since since it was launched in 2017 it managed to captivate Internet users, but after the fifth and final season was announced, they have revealed what happened in the last episodes of one of the biggest robberies of all the times.

On December 3 they released season 5 part 2, since then several theories have emerged about the ending, but recently they have revealed more details of the story, as users have been surprised by the losses of important characters.

The end of La Casa de Papel

The end of La Casa de Papel left fans shocked The fifth season part 2 of the finale of La Casa de Papel was released on December 3

The initial 5 episodes shocked fans with the death of Tokio, a character played by actress Úrsula Corberó. After his death, he left users intrigued by what would happen in the final chapters of part 2.

And the thing is, the band of robbers led by The Professor got away with it, because the plans he had left impressed more than one, although some reacted differently after the end, since it was thought that the most complex part was to remove the gold from the Bank of Spain.

The robbers had an ace up their sleeve to negotiate the release of the others, since their objective was to be able to remove the gold reserves of the institution. On the other hand, he managed to deliver the treasure but not the real one, but a forgery.

The band was left with 90 tons of gold to start a new beginning, although doubts arose about the sixth season, but the Netflix series came to an end, although Netflix confirmed that they are working on a spin-off where Berlin will be the protagonist.

We remember that the character he played Pedro Alonso On the show, he was a favorite, but the character died in season 2, but details have now emerged that more story will emerge from the character regarding his past as a thief.

It is worth mentioning that the series was devised for 15 episodes, but when it joined Netflix in 2017, they presented 2 seasons. By 2018 it became the most successful series in Latin America and Europe, for which they announced their third, fourth and fifth seasons.

How many episodes does La casa de papel season 5 have?

The fifth season part 2 of the finale of La Casa de Papel was released on December 3

The series features 10 chapters In the fifth season, the first five chapters were released in September and part 2 of the series was launched on the Netflix streaming platform on December 3; It has a duration between 49 minutes to an hour.

After the premiere of the fifth season of end of La Casa de Papel, the series has been placed in one of the trends of the platform in the Top 10 of the catalog, being number 1 in Mexico today, Sunday, December 5.

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