What dogs feel before they die, according to vets

Animals are the living beings with whom we share this world and, particularly in the case of domestic animals such as dogs and cats, we share our existence with them. Have you ever wondered what dogs feel before they die? Veterinarians have observed that turning point in canine companions many times, and have found poignant signs.

If you have ever had to resort to euthanasia for a dog due to its health condition, its advanced age or due to an accident, you will know that it is not an easy time to live; in fact, it is quite a bitter drink. Deciding to euthanize a canine companion, or “put him to sleep” as they say mildly, is not easy at all. and it is generally the last option we have to avoid their prolonged or unnecessary suffering.

But once, by the hand of a veterinarian, we have decided that the time has come to euthanize a pet, it is important to accompany it until its last breath, literally. It is very difficult and emotionally very moving to see a life partner die on a vet iron, or even in our arms but, according to the experts, it is what our dog would like in his last minutes of life.

Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital of California assures that in 90% of the cases of dogs that will be euthanized, their human owners prefer not to witness the moment because they would not take it or consider it too harsh. However, one vet shared that it can be even worse for the dying dog to live its last minutes in a room surrounded by strangers.

“I beg you not to leave them. Don’t leave them during their transition from life to death in a room full of strangers in a place they don’t like. What you should know is that they look for you when you leave!“Revealed a” tired and desolate veterinarian “in a Facebook post shared by that center.

Dogs about to die “search every face of the room for their loved one. They do not understand why you leave them when they are sick, scared, old or dying of cancer and they need your support ”, the post reads.

“Don’t be a coward because you think it’s too hard for you; imagine what they feel when you leave them at their most vulnerable and people like me do our best to comfort them, to try to make them less scared and to explain to them why you couldn’t stay ”, ends the strong text that, on the other hand, has a real humanitarian sense.

So hopefully you will remember this text the next time you need to euthanize an animal, and hopefully this will also happen in a long time.

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